Spotify launches lyrics globally

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Lyrics are available globally to Free and Premium users, giving listeners in-app access to millions of song lyrics in the language that they are sung.

Label Engine Update: New Homepage and much more

Label Engine’s Biggest Update: What’s new?

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As we previously announced, Label Engine’s biggest update is coming soon. Here are some more details regarding the changes and how they will affect new and existing Label Engine users. Introducing the new user homepage. Clients will now have a simpler interface to navigate through all aspects of the Label Engine subscription. It will give easy access to account information …

Coming Soon

Label Engine’s Biggest update: Coming Soon

CMG Development Announcements, News, Updates

With over 10 million tracks delivered, 12 million Promos sent and over 17 thousand demos delivered. Label Engine has been your platform to manage your label needs. It’s now time to move to the next decade of Label Engine with our biggest update yet. We’ve been listening and it’s time to show you. Taking your suggestions into consideration, we’re introducing …

Introducing Our New Spotify Playlist Series!

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As you know our Just (Drop)ped playlist is updated every Wednesday. In addition to that, Label Engine will begin featuring a new playlist for each day of the week, showcasing a variety of artists and musical genres. The Label Engine team is so grateful to work with such vast and talented labels and artists, and we hope that this playlist …