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Label Engine’s Biggest update: Coming Soon

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With over 10 million tracks delivered, 12 million Promos sent and over 17 thousand demos delivered. Label Engine has been your platform to manage your label needs. It’s now time to move to the next decade of Label Engine with our biggest update yet.

We’ve been listening and it’s time to show you. Taking your suggestions into consideration, we’re introducing our first major update to the user interface as well as some workflow changes to promote efficiency and much more direct navigation across all functions.

Label Engine Numbers
Label Engine Numbers

We’re announcing a simplified pricing model to allow new users to take full advantage of all the amazing features available in Label Engine. You’ll get to choose between two options: A flat fee with all the services (minus Distribution) for up to ten labels or distribute an album with a label and get all the services for free for that label.

If you are a current user of Label Engine and you distribute with us, pricing will remain the same. If you’re currently subscribe to any of our monthly/3-month plans, you will be migrated to our new offering at the end of your billing cycle. Both options will let you gain access to the new and improved features.

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