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Promotion and marketing are an essential part of the music business; it can be the difference between a successful record and "just another track in a music store".

Label Engine simplifies the process of organizing, planning and sending your promotional campaigns at an affordable price. You can customize our elegant promo page and email template to match the color and branding you desire, add a logo for a unique feel and if you wish to, upload a custom header to each campaign to give it its own identity. Now you can present your music to your DJ, radio station, blog and magazine contacts in a way that fairly represents your brand and the value of your songs.

Creating your releases is a piece of cake, simply upload your music through a dedicated ftp that connects to your account or through your browser, select the genre that best describes the style of the music, upload your artwork and enter a short (or long) description of whatyour release is all about. Feel free to get as emotional as you want, after all, that song is your "baby"!

Professional email campaigns

Your contacts will receive a professional email prompting them to listen to your music. Our system works in any browser or mobile phone/tablet, so they can listen to the music on their computer or on the go.

You can import your contacts using a csv or excel file or you can enter them manually, create lists if you wish to organize your contacts by style of music, preference or importance. You can send your campaign to specific lists or to all your contacts at once.

Recipients can select their favorite song, rate the release and leave any feedback they desire. If they have the time they can download the track(s) right away or they can revisit them at a later date in their "Downloads" section. Optionally they can connect their dropbox account to automatically download them. Whether they want to download an individual track or download a zip file with all the music, it's a simple process for them as well!


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Promotion Features

  • Customizable promo page and email template for each of your labels - add your label logo and colours
  • Recipients have access to our fully featured promo system allowing easy access to your label's promos with a useful search and a choice of delivery options and download methods
  • Send unlimited promo emails to DJs/Tastemakers/Radio Stations/Blogs with no download limits or bandwidth restrictions
  • Send your promos instantly or at a specified time - set a date for reminders to be sent or give recipients a unique link via social media
  • Create previews of tracks so recipients can skip intros and outros
  • Attach press packages, videos or additional artwork
  • Include existing recipient feedback for a release in future campaigns
  • Easily manage your contact lists and import them directly from Outlook
  • Enter recipient social media profiles to get updated stats daily
  • Choose to receive email notifications once a recipient has left feedback, or view an overview of activity with our promotion dashboard
  • Get all the information you need to analyze your campaigns with detailed graphs and analytics
  • Share live feedback with artists using a secure URL
  • Download detailed PDF reports including all statistics, quotes and feedback to share with your artists or press
  • Follow to Download - build up your social media presence be allowing free downloads of your tracks to those who sign in with Twitter, Soundcloud or Spotify. Viewers of your customizable page will automatically follow up to 5 specified accounts before being given download access. Link your Soundcloud account to allow viewers to automatically like and repost tracks
  • Share your music directly from your Label Engine account to YouTube - videos can be made automatically using your release artwork
  • Share password protected files with peers and friends

Demo Management Features

Users of our Promotion system will also have access to our Demo Management system:

  • Customizable demo submission page for each of your labels - add your label logo and colours
  • Option to embed your demo page within your own website
  • Demos sent to your unique email address are automatically parsed for demos, all other emails are forwarded to you
  • Waveform images or Soundcloud players are shown for every demo
  • Choose to receive email alerts each time a demo is uploaded
  • View social media stats for submitting artists - add favorite artists to your watch list to prioritise their demos
  • Ability to block artists based on email or IP address
  • Create automated replies and send responses to artists with a single click
  • Sort demos into folders and add comments to manage them effectively

Standard Features

  • Easy music management using our "FTP Repository" - upload your wave, flac, aiff or mp3 files through a browser or over ftp, or import them directly from Beatport, Baseware or FUGA
  • Easily make compilations from existing releases with our Compilation Builder tool
  • Upload your music directly to your Soundcloud account
  • Create additional user logins with unique permissions to run your label as a team
  • Schedule system to keep track of events - set up reminders via email or dashboard notification


"Label-Engine's back end is a one stop shop for label management. The promotion and accounting functionality surpasses any other service out there"

Keith Mackenzie / Illeven Eleven

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Label Engine's Promotion system is available with a Promotion Subscription and is provided free of charge to all Labels that use our Premium Distribution service. For full subscription details please check our pricing page.


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