Make More From Your Music
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World-class distribution and label services

Pricing 1

All-inclusive distribution

You keep:

Revenue share on distribution
Revenue share on YouTube content ID

Distribute your first release with Label Engine and get your music into over 100 partner stores worldwide without any advance fees! Label Engine distribution also includes free access to our accounting, demo management and promotions label services.

Make More From Your Music
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Pricing 2

Label Services

You pay:

$499 / year
or $49 / month

Don't require distribution? No worries! Our Label Services subscription includes all of Label Engine's powerful Accounting, Promotion and Demo Management services for up to 10 labels.

  • Accounting Services: Upload, allocate and organize your royalties.
  • Promotions System: Get your music heard with our customizable promo emails.
  • Demo Management: Streamline your workflow with our submission tracking services.
  • Manage up to 10 labels.

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