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A label that promotes organic collaborations between the electronic and rock music world, founded by Kayzo.

Label Engine Update: New Homepage and much more

Label Engine’s Biggest Update: What’s new?

development Announcements, News, Updates

As we previously announced, Label Engine’s biggest update is coming soon. Here are some more details regarding the changes and how they will affect new and existing Label Engine users. Introducing the new user homepage. Clients will now have a simpler interface to navigate through all aspects of the Label Engine subscription. It will give easy access to account information …

Coming Soon

Label Engine’s Biggest update: Coming Soon

development Announcements, News, Updates

With over 10 million tracks delivered, 12 million Promos sent and over 17 thousand demos delivered. Label Engine has been your platform to manage your label needs. It’s now time to move to the next decade of Label Engine with our biggest update yet. We’ve been listening and it’s time to show you. Taking your suggestions into consideration, we’re introducing …

We’re Discontinuing our Distribution on Demand Tier

LabelEngine News

Starting June 30th, 2021, our Distribution on Demand offering will no longer be an active distribution option; we will be focusing on the Premium Distribution tier only moving forward. Any releases that have already been distributed via Distribution on Demand will remain live until they reach their renewal date. This means you will not be able to renew your release …

How to Move From Another Distributor to Label Engine

LabelEngine General, Help

Thinking of switching over to Label Engine? We’ve got you covered! To switch to Label Engine from another distributor, you will need to first create an account and apply for premium distribution. Once accepted you will upload your catalog using one of our easy back catalog import tools and then redistribute the whole catalog. It is recommended to use the …

Space Yacht

LabelEngine Label Spotlights

A label that originates from weekly parties that foster undiscovered talent and grow them from the ground up.