Creating an EPK for Musicians

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In today’s digital age, having a well-crafted electronic press kit (EPK) is essential for musicians looking to promote their music and connect with industry professionals. An EPK serves as a comprehensive package that showcases your talent, highlights your accomplishments, and provides essential information to media outlets, promoters, and record labels. In this blog post, we will guide you through what …

How To Write The Perfect Bio

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Having a bio is a vital asset to have as an artist. Until you are signed, where generally your manager/booking agent can handle your press kit, the task of writing a bio is on you! It can feel weird to write about yourself, especially when you are (sort of) bragging about yourself. But having a well-written bio is important to have when you start getting bookings and start signing releases.

New Store Overview: Medianet

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Label Engine is now proudly distributing to Medianet. “MediaNet integrates an industry-leading sound recording catalog with a comprehensive publishing database to provide our partners with a truly rights-managed catalog and a single point of service for digital music operations.” The new store’s distribution includes four new destinations: Aarmy, Amanotes, Audalize, CLMBR, Echelon, GTL, Imagesound, JPay, and Y7. Aarmy Aarmy is …

What is Phonk?

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If you have TikTok, you know the name. Phonk music is a relatively new genre of music that has emerged in the past decade. It’s a type of hip-hop and trap that combines elements of funk, soul, and chopped-and-screwed music.

Spotify Waterfall Release Strategy

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Spotify Waterfall Release Strategy Spotify waterfall release is a feature offered by Spotify that allows artists and labels to stagger the release of their music over time. In a traditional album release, all the songs would be released at the same time. With a waterfall release, artists can choose to release each track of their album at different times with …