An Intro to Beatport Hype

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Beatport Hype is a platform within Beatport that showcases and promotes new and emerging artists, labels, and tracks in the electronic music scene. Hype allows artists and labels to maximize their exposure from outside of the main genre charts and the dominance of bigger and more established labels. Only labels with sales under $15,000 will be eligible for Beatport Hype. You can sign up for Beatport Hype HERE.

Benefits of Using Hype

Opportunities to Feature on Homepage:

  • Gain exclusive access to prominent sections on Beatports homepage for selected Hype releases.

Opportunities to Feature on Genre Pages:

  • Secure headline feature space on each Hype genre page for select Hype releases.

New Releases and Hype Picks by Beatport:

  • A curated selection of Hype releases are showcased on the home page and genre pages.

Independent Hype Top 100 Charts:

  • Increase visibility and exposure by entering the global charts, including the overall Hype Top 100 and genre-specific charts.

Best of Hype Playlists on All Platforms:

  • Monthly curated Hype playlists featured on the Beatport LINK ecosystem, including the mobile app, DJ web app, and popular DJ software.
Image Courtesy of Beatport

Tips From Beatport for Growing Your Label With Hype

  1. Plan your release schedule in advance – Map your release schedule over the next 6 months, and look at key times to release records around events, tour dates, and peak sale periods. Make sure you have a consistent schedule, even if you are only releasing once a month.
  2. Refine your branding – Invest in good quality branding/logos, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on design, but put some thought into it, and make your brand appeal to your audience.
  3. Release consistent quality music – Quality music over quantity wins the day! Is your track mastered well? Have you tested this on the dance floor? How does it sound in comparison to other tracks in the same genre on Beatport? Keep your quality good and consistent.
  4. Campaigns and opportunities – It’s worth finding out from your distributor if there are any DSP or partner campaigns you can get involved in (such as TikTok or Facebook etc), these opportunities can really help elevate your release!
  5. Take care of your online presence – Post consistently on your social media pages, keep your website updated, and update photos and bios on your artist pages. Update channels with teasers of forthcoming releases.
  6. Pre-orders and exclusives – Make the most of getting early sales to help boost chart positions and have a period of exclusivity.
  7. Plan your release promotion plan – Plan how you will promote your release during the pre-sale period and the first two weeks of release. Social media, emails, paid advertising, DJ Charts, and PR are all channels you can tap into to boost your release.

If you have any questions about Beatport Hype, feel free to reach out to one of our team members at