DJs/Recipients can now connect to Dropbox to download promos

Label Engine News, Updates

We have added the option to connect to Dropbox so DJs/Recipients can download promos directly to their accounts, it will come in very handy! Any questions or feedback feel free to email us to support(at) You can also follow us on twitter at @Label_Engine or facebook at

New and improved players added to the site

Label Engine Updates

NOTE: Please be sure to update your browsers to the latest version before reporting any errors. We have added a new and improved (and stylish as well should we say) music player to the entire site. The new player now allows you to create custom clips for your promos, you can select when the track starts and when it ends …

Meet a Label Engine representative at WMC/Miami 2014

Label Engine Events, Updates

We are only a few weeks away from one of Dance Music’s biggest business & music conferences of the year, Miami’s WMC (Winter Music Conference). Label Engine’s representative at the event will be Alex, if you wish to schedule an appointment, please check the following open slots. (Please note each appointment can only be a maximum of 30 mins long …