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One of the most tedious parts about running a label is handling the budget. Stop paying for complicated systems and overpaid accountants! Label Engine's accounting and royalty processing platform was designed and developed by actual record label managers. It gives you the ability to handle the load in minutes. Label Engine has been used to send out over a quarter of a million statements to artists.

Make More From Your Music

Flexible accounting tools that scale

Our service allows you to process royalty statements from any store, any distributor, in any currency, in minutes, regardless of how large or complex the statements are.

Paying an advance? Tracking an expense? Licensing your music? We give you the tools to handle additional income or deals, and give your artists transparency on how their music is doing.



Upload, allocate and organize your royalties

Handle everything

Pre-made import formats for all major stores and distributors allow you to get started immediately, with full flexibility for dealing with exceptions and edge cases.

Rapid-fire allocation

Set up pre-allocations and templates to automate assignment of royalties - our smart system will make suggestions based on past actions.

YouTube revenue

Handle YouTube ad-revenue and subscription statements and correlate with asset files or music data - link videos to releases, display video and channel data.

Manage agreements

Enter licensing agreements and use them to allocate royalties. Get alerts when reports are received from other labels.


Track balances, analyze performance and send statements

Flexible deals

Assign royalties to clients based on individual contracts or keep an ongoing balance.

Easy artist statements

Customizable artists statements show your clients exactly what they are getting paid for. Get notified when invoices are received.

Detailed analytics

Monitor your label's finances. Review trends and performance over multiple metrics.

Advances and expenses

Keep track of every detail, record details once and monitor recoupment.

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Music distribution made easy!

Upload your music directly to over 100 stores worldwide including Apple Music, Spotify, Beatport, iTunes, Amazon and YouTube.


Don't be just another track at a music store!

Organize, plan and send your promotional campaigns with our promotional tools.

Demo Management

Let us help you find the next big hit!

Potential artists can submit demos through a configurable submission page or a dedicated email.