About Us

Label Engine was founded in 2008 by DJ, producer and label owner Lazy Rich, as a way of reducing the number of time consuming tasks involved in running a successful record label. Label Engine does this by providing a unique set of tools, essential for running a label, into one easy to use system. These tools cover many different aspects of label management but are divided up into six main categories -

  • Demo Management - Finding new music
  • Distribution - Making your music available for sale through various online digital music outlets
  • Promotion - Raising public and industry awareness of your music
  • Accounting - Analysing royalty statements and other sources of income to provide sales reports to your artists
  • Publishing Services
  • Youtube Admin - Maximizing your music's visibility and profitability through Youtube

Through a variety of different pricing plans, these tools can be used individually on a pay as you go basis, or all together with a subscription. Our prices are the lowest in the industry and are flexible to meet the budgets of any size label.

The greatest benefit of placing all the tools within one system is that data is shared between them meaning you need only enter data and upload music for each of your tracks once. This represents a huge saving in time from uploading tracks seperately to your distributor, to your promo tool, to soundcloud, and to share tracks with your artists.

The system is completely online based, meaning there is no software to nstall and all your music and data is kept securely on our servers. Our site can be accessed 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world and supports all web-browers including smartphones. Getting started is easy, there are no hidden setup fees and all your existing data and music can be imported easily. For customers that wish to use our distribution services, we will manage the transfer from your previous distributor if you have one and assist with the upload of your back catalogue to our stores. You can use Label Engine to manage multiple labels (see pricing for details) and can set up additional user access to allow different members of your management team to perform different functions.

Make the switch to Label Engine

Over 1000 labels are now using Label Engine's management system and our rapidly expanding client base includes some of the leading electronic music labels in the world. Our team of dedicated customer service representatives are on hand every day to assist with any issues you may have and we are constantly adding new and exciting features to the site.

If you have any questions or require more information please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, why not sign up an account? We promise you'll be glad you did.


"Label Engine: the software that's rewriting the rules for record labels"

Wired Magazine