Stay on top of your demos

Stay on top of your demos

Demo Management

Demo Management

Have you received a demo with no tags, making it impossible to track it back to its source? A corrupted attachment? Label Engine’s Demo Management system allows you to create a unique URL and email address for your label, streamlining where artists can submit their demos for your consideration. Get ready to power through your thousands of demos with ease!

Demo Management
Make More From Your Music
Don't ignore your demos

Don't ignore your demos;
find the next big hit!

See all of your demos in one easy-to-use dashboard. Demos can be organized into folders to keep track of those that are accepted, rejected, or pending. Create auto-reply messages for any situation, whether you wish to sign a demo or encourage artists with potential to stay in touch. Easily turn your demos into releases, with all the artist information attached for further reference.

Make More From Your Music


Let your demos stand out.

Let your demos stand out

Automatic styling

Demo pages adapt automatically based upon your label logo, or style them yourself!

No extra links

Seamlessly embed your demos page within your own website in mere seconds.

Track visualization

Waveform images or SoundCloud players are displayed for every track.

Email submissions

Demos sent to your unique Label Engine email address are automatically processed and all other emails are forwarded to you. No more cluttered inbox!

Full control over your communication.

Full control over your communication

Track your submissions

Get social media stats for submitting artists, add your favorites to watch. and prioritize their demos.

Automated replies

Create automated replies and send professional email responses with a single click.

Spam management

Filter out spammers and bots by using our two-factor blocking system based on email and IP address.

Get more info

Artist detail requests allow you to quickly gather all the info you need from artists you sign.

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Upload your music directly to over 100 stores worldwide including Apple Music, Spotify, Beatport, iTunes, Amazon and YouTube.


Don't be just another track at a music store!

Organize, plan and send your promotional campaigns with our promotional tools.


Fast, easy and hassle free!

Our royalty accounting system helps you in managing the heavy load within minutes!