New and improved players added to the site

Label Engine Updates

NOTE: Please be sure to update your browsers to the latest version before reporting any errors.

We have added a new and improved (and stylish as well should we say) music player to the entire site. The new player now allows you to create custom clips for your promos, you can select when the track starts and when it ends by moving the left and right time markers to the preferred part of the waveform.

This will translate into any promos you send so when DJs play the track it starts and ends exactly where you think it would be most convenient for them. Think of it as a “selling point” for tastemakers.

Keep in mind that section would be the only preview they can listen to, they won’t be able to listen to any other part of the track unless they download the full song.

The “Set Preview” option is located in the right bottom corner of the player, next to “Label Copy”. Click edit on any track (Preview on the promotion section) and you will see it. Check the images for examples.

Any questions or to report any problems feel free to email us to support(at)

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