What is Phonk?

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If you have TikTok, you know the name. Phonk music is a relatively new genre of music that has emerged in the past decade. It’s a type of hip-hop and trap that combines elements of funk, soul, and chopped-and-screwed music.

Spotify Marquee Reveals New Study

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Spotify has released some new and exciting data from recent studies done on their Marquee promotion tool. One question artists and their teams have wondered since the release of Marquee is how does it stack up against other similar social ads. Their studies have revealed that Marquee delivers on average 10x more listeners per dollar spent than similar social ads. …

Label Engine Music Recommendations 11/10/17

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Hello Friends! It’s Friday and we’re here to bring you great music to add to your playlist! This week’s top ten music recommendations are bringing you everything from tech house to dubstep and hard dance. Our top track this week is by Ayra Recordings’ Kelle with, “Humankind” remixed by Beatman & Ludmilla. This psy-trance track fits perfectly for a small …

Label Engine Music Recommendations 11/03/17

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Happy Weekend! Our top track this week is led by Never Say Die Records’ oddprophet with, “Everything” from his 4-track Process EP. In a recent interview with The Music Ninja, oddprophet talked about his inspiration behind the EP, in which he mentions that not being part of the mainstream scene was always a key aspect in music creation: “The main …

Label Engine Music Recommendations 10/27/17

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Hello friends! The weekend is here and we couldn’t let you go into your Halloween parties without some new music to add to your playlists! This week’s recommendations include new releases from DJ Godfather & Matthew Anthony, Modestep, Parentz, Chibs, and more. Taking the top spot this week is Ephixa & Laura Brehm’s new collaboration, “Deja Vu”, from Brehm’s own …

Label Engine Music Recommendations 10/20/17

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Hello friends! Halloween is near, and we’re here to bring you a batch of music recommendations that will help you prepare for the spooky festivities. This week’s recommendations include new releases from The Spacies, jy & tribes, Chris Miles, Landon Terrace, and more. Our top pick comes from Duckworthsound, (Luke Duckworth) a 20 year-old from Surrey, United Kingdom, who started …

Label Engine Music Recommendations 10/13/17

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Happy Friday 13th! This week’s music recommendations are bringing you instant classics, like Kai Wachi’s “Kismet” and BONNIE X CLYDE’s & Purge’s “Torn” which are currently featured on Spotify’s Friday Cratediggers playlist. (Thanks to Kramer and gang for continued support!) Our top track from Kai Wachi’s new “Die Young EP” differs from his previous releases because of the growth in …

Label Engine Music Recommendations 10/6/17

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Happy Friday! One of the most beautiful things about music is that it’s accessible to everyone, and our team has always celebrated the independent labels and artists who work hard to create authentic and unique music. Our top track this week comes from a self-titled “hobby music producer”, Laurent Burg. His debut Journey EP dropped earlier this week on Forever, …

Label Engine Music Recommendations 9/29/17

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Happy Friday! It’s the last week of September and this week’s top ten music recommendations are bringing you everything from hip-hop to house, dubstep and pop. From Peak Hour Music, ALDOR delivers a perfect combination of melody & riffs with his new single, “Under My Love” featuring Max Landry. Also, from Understated Recordings, Mahalo is back with “The Drip”, which, …

Label Engine Music Recommendations 9/22/17

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  Our music recommendations for this week showcase a mixture of dance, dubstep, and house that is perfect for the first day of autumn. Our top track is from Chris Lake who teamed up with Chris Lorenzo for the recent single “Nothing Better “. This track, as described by Billboard magazine, “reminds you of the good old days while sounding …