Label Engine Music Recommendations 11/03/17

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Happy Weekend!

Our top track this week is led by Never Say Die Records’ oddprophet with, “Everything” from his 4-track Process EP. In a recent interview with The Music Ninja, oddprophet talked about his inspiration behind the EP, in which he mentions that not being part of the mainstream scene was always a key aspect in music creation:

“The main idea of the ‘Process’ EP was to make music that stood out and had the perfect mix of sound design, heaviness and dancey flow. Sometimes, with the over-saturation of EDM, it’s easy to come across loads of similar songs that lack character and individuality. Not “being a part of the process” was always a main objective when creating new music.”

Our recommendations also include, “Creepin’” by LondonBridge & Lliam Taylor, “Ecstasy” by Daniel W. & Gino Traffic, “Compass” by Nepemora, and “Buscandote” by Hernan Bass, and some BlackSheepz, Klasey Jones, Niveau Zero & Krimer, Chibs & Getorix, Match Hoffman, and more…

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1) oddprophet – Everything [Never Say Die Records]
| Genre: Dubstep |

2) BlackSheepz – Fucking Dance [Bodhi Collective]
| Genre: Tech House |

3) Klasey Jones – Midnight Rider [Terrorhythm Recordings] 
| Genre: Electronica / Downtempo |

4) Niveau Zero, Krimer – Shut The F*ck Up [Uplink Audio]
| Genre: Dubstep |

5) LondonBridge & Lliam Taylor – Creepin’ [IN / ROTATION (Insomniac Records)]
| Genre: House |

6) Chibs & Getorix – Portals [Disciple Round Table]
| Genre: Dubstep |

7) Match Hoffman – Lovesick [Hungry Koala Records]
| Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech |

8) Daniel W. & Gino Traffic – Ecstasy [Minimal Illumination]
| Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech |

9) Nepemora – Compass [Deep Tech Records]
| Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech |

10) Hernan Bass – Buscandote  [Innocent Music Deep]
| Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech |