Label Engine Music Recommendations 10/6/17

Label Engine Music

Happy Friday!

One of the most beautiful things about music is that it’s accessible to everyone, and our team has always celebrated the independent labels and artists who work hard to create authentic and unique music. Our top track this week comes from a self-titled “hobby music producer”, Laurent Burg. His debut Journey EP dropped earlier this week on Forever, Joe Garston’s underground dance label, and hasn’t left our headphones since. The uplifting tracks are polished with a clean production and truly take you on a journey that will only leave you wanting more!

Speaking of wanting more, we also have some new Audiobruz dance realness with, “I’m On Fire” from Audiophile Live, Insomniac Events’ Track of the Day, “Downtown Diva”, from J. Worra and IN / Rotation, a sampling of Disciple Round Table’s first full length release, an oldie-but-goodie from Far & Few off of new LE fam member, Epicure, and plenty more to start your weekend strong!

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1) Laurent Burg – Beginn of a Journey [Forever]
| Genre: Electronic |

2) Audiobruz – I’m On Fire (Radio Edit) [Audiophile Live]
| Genre: Dance |

3) J. Worra – Downtown Diva [IN / Rotation]
| Genre: House |

4) xander. – distance (feat. Malik Elijah) [xander.]
| Genre: Hip-Hop/Lo-Fi |

5) Virtual Riot – Degenerates [Disciple Round Table]
| Genre: Dubstep |

6) Johnny Third – Promises (TDY Remix) [Third Time Lucky]
| Genre: Trap/Future Bass |

7) Conrank – BLT (feat. Dirt Monkey) [Bassrush Records]
| Genre: Drum & Bass |

8) Far & Few – Candyland [Epicure] 
| Genre: Trap/Future Bass |

9) WATGOOD – Textures [TWONK]
| Genre: Trap/Future Bass |

10) ArtPlay & Jasted – Hold On [Sick & Sound]
| Genre: Future House |