Label Engine Music Recommendations 10/20/17

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Hello friends!

Halloween is near, and we’re here to bring you a batch of music recommendations that will help you prepare for the spooky festivities. This week’s recommendations include new releases from The Spacies, jy & tribes, Chris Miles, Landon Terrace, and more.

Our top pick comes from Duckworthsound, (Luke Duckworth) a 20 year-old from Surrey, United Kingdom, who started producing at age 16 and, “plans to breathe his own style into the scene”. Duckworthsound’s latest release, “Freak”, fits perfectly into any festival or club set, which, as he mentions to Insomniac, was inspired by those events as well:

“The idea came from just looking at how people act differently when they’re at a festival or at a club—the idea being that, despite someone’s appearance or what you know of them, anyone can get down and dirty with it and be a freak when they enjoy the music they’re listening to”

Our recommendations also include, “Cult”, by EH!DE, “Kufra”, by Hatepens, “Outrageous”, by Arnold & Lane, “Feed back”, by Biggoose, and,“Hot Sauce”, by Dirt Monkey & Jantsen – so listen up!

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1) Duckworthsound – Freak [IN / ROTATION (Insomniac Records)]
| Genre: Electro House |

2) EH!DE – Cult [Never Say Die Records]
| Genre: Dubstep |

3) Hatepens – Kufra [GRN LNTRN CRPS] 
| Genre: House |

4) Arnold & Lane – Outrageous [Bodhi Collective]
| Genre: Tech House |

5) Biggoose – Feed back [Pop Rox Muzik]
| Genre: Dance |

6) jy & tribes. – Gravity [jy & tribes.]
| Genre: Alternative R&B |

7) Landon Terrace – Lean In [Average Unicorn]
| Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco |

8) Chris Miles – ALL I WANT [T3 Music Group]
| Genre: Hip-Hop / R&B |

9) Dirt Monkey & Jantsen – Hot Sauce [Disciple Round Table]
| Genre: Dubstep |

10) The Spacies – Say (Valoriz Remix) [Archipelago Entertainment]
| Genre: Future Bass |

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