Label Engine Music Recommendations 11/10/17

Label Engine Music

Hello Friends!

It’s Friday and we’re here to bring you great music to add to your playlist! This week’s top ten music recommendations are bringing you everything from tech house to dubstep and hard dance. Our top track this week is by Ayra Recordings’ Kelle with, “Humankind” remixed by Beatman & Ludmilla. This psy-trance track fits perfectly for a small gathering or any party or festival!

Our recommendations also include, “Turbo Dab” by MONXX, “Prism” by XaeboR, “Dainichi” by Convex, “snowtown cafe” by Nitro Fun, and some, Exodus & Kapkano, Lewis Beck, Vee Brondi & MYID, Kelly Laice, and Laroidminds.

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1) Kelle – Humankind (Beatman & Ludmilla Remix) [Ayra Recordings]
| Genre: Psy-Trance |

2)  Lewis Beck – Radiate [Audiophile Deep]
| Genre: Tech House |

3) Vee Brondi, MYID – Jakarta [POWERWORLD] 
| Genre: Dance |

4) Nitro Fun – snowtown cafe [Uplink Audio]
| Genre: Hard Dance |

5) Kelly Laice – Antidoto [93 Music ]
| Genre: Tech House |

6) XaeboR – Prism [Never Say Die: Black Label]
| Genre: Dubstep |

7) Exodus & Kapkano – Let’s Get Weird [PEAK HOUR MUSIC]
| Genre: Electro House |

8) MONXX – Turbo Dab [Disciple Round Table]
| Genre: Dubstep |

9) Convex – Dainichi  [IN / ROTATION (Insomniac Records)]
| Genre: Future House |

10) Laroidminds – Binnary [Phenomenal]
| Genre: Tech House |