New Store Overview: Medianet

Label Engine News

Label Engine is now proudly distributing to Medianet. “MediaNet integrates an industry-leading sound recording catalog with a comprehensive publishing database to provide our partners with a truly rights-managed catalog and a single point of service for digital music operations.” The new store’s distribution includes four new destinations: Aarmy, Amanotes, Audalize, CLMBR, Echelon, GTL, Imagesound, JPay, and Y7.


Aarmy is a digital fitness app with thousands of on-demand workouts. They also have in-person training available in certain cities.


Amanotes is a video game publisher company. Their games focus on musical experiences.


Audalize aims to create effortless music listening experiences for businesses in order to enhance their customer’s experience. Their focus is on retail stores, restaurants, fitness centers, and hotels.


CLMBR is an in-home workout machine. They also have in-person training available in certain cities.


Echelon is an in-home workout machine company. They have many different machines to help you reach your fitness goals, all with interactive experiences that could use your music!


GTL provides music services in jails through kiosks and tablets, allowing prisoners to create playlists and discover new music. “The GTL Genesis in-pod kiosk can be configured to allow inmates to access various approved multimedia applications through a secure personal device. Currently, the only media offerings available in many facilities are outdated cassette tape players, single CD players, and FM tuner radios. Once cutting-edge technology, these media sources provide an extremely limited selection of entertainment options.”


JPay Music is a music streaming service that allows inmates in correctional facilities to access and listen to music. JPay Music offers a wide selection of music genres, including hip-hop, R&B, country, rock, and more. Inmates can access the service through JPay’s secure kiosks or tablets, which are available in most correctional facilities across the United States.

Distribution to Medianet is automatically applied to all releases unless specified. For any questions please reach out to