Rawsome Recordings

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“From the heart of New York City, Rawsome Recordings brings you only the best selection of raw underground house from our global dance music scene. Rawsome continues to preserve the roots and culture of dance music, all while pushing the house sound into the future.”

Updated Security Measures

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Here at Label Engine we are always looking at ways to improve our systems. We’ve recently made some changes to our sites security and would like to share them with you now! Starting today, if a user or additional user attempts to login with an incorrect password 3 times, their account will be locked. In order to unlock your account, …

Pretzel by Songtradr

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Pretzel streaming is a platform that provides royalty-free music for live streamers, content creators, and broadcasters to use in their streams without the risk of copyright strikes. It offers a wide variety of music genres that are curated specifically for streaming and are safe to use on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming. The platform was founded in …


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Since the record label’s inception in 2013, Disciple has grown to become the biggest dubstep record label in the world. Home to some of the planet’s greatest electronic producers like Virtual Riot, Barely Alive and PhaseOne to name a few.

What Are ISRC’s And Why Are They Important?

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If you’re a musician, producer, or label owner, you’ve likely come across the term “ISRC” at some point. An ISRC, or International Standard Recording Code, is a unique identifier assigned to individual sound recordings. Think of it like a license plate number for your music. What Are They For? ISRCs are used to track and identify sound recordings, which is …