Rawsome Recordings

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Founders: Greco
Founded: 2018
Genre: House, Tech House, Minimal
Country of Origin: United States

“From the heart of New York City, Rawsome Recordings brings you only the best selection of raw underground house from our global dance music scene. Rawsome continues to preserve the roots and culture of dance music, all while pushing the house sound into the future.”

Since their first release in 2016, Rawsome Recordings has gone on to be a strong and consistent force in the underground house music scene. The label has released music from the likes of Demuir, Eskuche, Klangkuenstler, and Dale Howard to name a few. Rawsome also has 2 sister labels, Rawsome Deep and Rawsome LTD, both focusing on the deeper and more melodic side of house. With no signs of slowing down on releases, Rawsome is our label highlight of the week!

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