Instagram Adds Music in Feed

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Instagram has added a new feature which allows users to add music to a still image. This opens up some cool possibilities for content creators, especially for brands and artists within the music space.

Instagram says “Music is a huge part of expression on Instagram, and we’re excited to provide the ability to add music to Feed photo posts, like you can with Reels and Stories. No matter which format works best to tell your story, you can now add a soundtrack to your favorite photo moments to bring them to life.”

How To Do it:

There’s now a ‘Add Music’ option in the post composer that allows you to search for a track to add to your post. You’ll be limited to 90 seconds, but that seems like plenty of time for a still image! Check out this instagram post for some more pointers.

As of right now, the user is limited to licensed music from Meta’s Sound Collection, which is a bummer for artists looking to promote their music. That doesn’t mean it won’t be added in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!