We’re discontinuing Connect

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We have made the decision to discontinue Label Engine Connect, our service that allows our distributed labels to make deals with YouTube channels for use of their content.

We are doing so due to lack of interest in the service.

The system will be taken down according to the following timeline:

February 1st
No new channels will be able to sign up for the Connect service.

March 2nd
It will not be possible to create new deals using the Connect service.

April 1st
All existing deals will be cancelled. This will mean that money from YouTube revenue is directed to labels only and not to channels.

June 1st
Access to the Connect system for both labels and channels will be removed. Note that it will still be possible for channels to login to Label Engine to access statements and payments. At this time, any channels that have not met the minimum $10.00 balance required for payment will be able to contact us to discuss payment options.

We recommend that you immediately begin making contact with any labels / channels with which you have been using the system and make alternative arrangements for the use of music within videos.

If you have any questions on the above please contact us via our contact form or support email.

We thank all of our labels and channels for using the service, and hope that the removal of the service does not cause excessive inconvenience for you.