How To Write The Perfect Bio

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Having a bio is a vital asset to have as an artist. Until you are signed, where generally your manager/booking agent can handle your press kit, the task of writing a bio is on you! It can feel weird to write about yourself, especially when you are (sort of) bragging about yourself. But having a well-written bio is important to have when you start getting bookings and start signing releases.

Spotify Waterfall Release Strategy

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Spotify Waterfall Release Strategy Spotify waterfall release is a feature offered by Spotify that allows artists and labels to stagger the release of their music over time. In a traditional album release, all the songs would be released at the same time. With a waterfall release, artists can choose to release each track of their album at different times with …

What Are ISRC’s And Why Are They Important?

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If you’re a musician, producer, or label owner, you’ve likely come across the term “ISRC” at some point. An ISRC, or International Standard Recording Code, is a unique identifier assigned to individual sound recordings. Think of it like a license plate number for your music. What Are They For? ISRCs are used to track and identify sound recordings, which is …

How Do TikTok Music Royalties Work?

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It’s important as an artist to make sure you are collecting royalties from all the sources you can. With TikTok being one of the most used social media apps in the world, lets take a look at how the royalties work and how you can collect them. How Do TikTok Music Royalties Work? Royalties are generated from TikTok’s revenue. While …