A new milestone for Label Engine

Label Engine News

Welcome to the new and improved Label Engine! With this update, we’re laying the foundation to take you to the next decade of Label Engine with the support of Create Music Group.

Some of the exciting new features:

An updated marketing site

We have implemented a more effective and efficient website with a sleek, simplified look. There are new visuals and content to help explain different services.

Another major update is our legal pages. To help with any questions a user may have, the legal pages have been updated with simplified language.

As mentioned before, we are changing how we’re selling our services. Our pricing structure has been updated to ensure Label Engine clients are getting the most out of their distribution and label management experience as well as being able to serve you better.

New Registration process

Getting an account and discovering our amazing features is easier than ever. A much faster process with less required fields and steps for entry. Instead of waiting for approval, you can instantly upload up to three releases from day one to distribute with us.

Creating a release

And finally, the distribution process is clearer. Previously, you needed to contact support for any release update or changes.

Starting with our new release, users will receive a report when their submission is rejected, allowing them to easily view any changes that need to be made right from the app. In addition, all updates to releases and takedowns can be sent directly from Label Engine, meaning that for most changes it’s no longer necessary to contact the support team. 

This update will minimize the out-of-app communications: everything will happen inside the platform.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out via our live chat or at support@label-engine.com.