Update: New Stores, Tidal Feature Requests, and Release Deadlines

Label Engine Updates


July 24th 2017 will mark the beginning of some exciting and significant changes for Label Engine distribution clients, including new stores and options along with a shortened release date deadline. We hope these changes will be beneficial to your needs and will continue to enhance your distribution experience with Label Engine.


New Stores

We are happy to announce Label Engine’s partnerships with a number of new stores; distribution clients will now be able to select and deliver to United Media Agency (UMA), Melon, and AWA.

United Media Agency, also known as ‘UMA’, is a Russia-based streaming service that owns and operates several social media networks. UMA allows territory restrictions to be set per track and back catalogue submission. Currently, chart submissions for UMA are unavailable.

Melon is a digital streaming service based in South Korea, which allows users to download or stream music over the internet. Melon offers its users multi-device compatibility, social sharing, limited downloads, and the ability to create ringtones. Melon allows territory restrictions to be set per track, but does not yet support back catalogue, chart submissions and feature requests.

AWA is a Japan-based music-streaming service that offers playlist curation, on-demand playback, and multi-device compatibility. In 2016. AWA surpassed 10 million downloads, and continues to add features to grow its user base. AWA allows territory restrictions to be set per track, but does not yet support back catalogue, chart submissions and feature requests.


TIDAL Feature Requests

In addition to Beatport, Spotify, and other store partners, premium distribution clients may now also submit releases for consideration for TIDAL features. This option will be available for selection in the “Features” tab where feature requests for other stores may also be selected. The deadline to submit TIDAL feature requests is four (4) weeks before the release date.

Language Update

Label Engine now allows users to select and edit specific languages for each track. Please take note that the language update will only reflect in stores that allow languages other than English to be incorporated in track data. Please also ensure that the language you select should reflect the language of performance in the track.


Updated Release Date Deadlines

Previously, distribution clients have had to set release dates to at least two weeks from the upload date. Starting July 24th 2017, Label Engine will reduce the deadline for new releases down to one week from the date of upload.

In regards to submitting feature requests, clients will still need to honor the deadlines of each store. If you choose to take advantage of this shortened release date deadline, you may not be able to submit feature requests because of the submission deadlines, so be sure to plan accordingly when uploading releases for distribution.

As always if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at support@label-engine.com.

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