Soundcloud introduces Stations and Charts

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Soundcloud has been making progress in turning its site to appeal more to the normal everyday fan, recently adding “Stations” which will allow users of the SoundCloud app for iOS and Android to create radio stations based on what they are listening to, searching for or what is in their collections.

Appealing to the masses and not just industry people is a huge step for Soundcloud, it is no secret that they are looking to directly compete with the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Youtube Red by working on the creation of a subscription service that will go hand-to-hand with their ad supported tier.

With so much unique content not available commercially, Soundcloud knows they had to improve their discovery process for new users joining the site, one step in that direction is the introduction of “Charts”. Charts will list the most popular content in the site with additional filtering by genre to help “newbies” easily spot good music by some of the best artists/labels the site has to offer!

Although both additions are by no means break-through ideas, they are exactly what Soundcloud users have been screaming for so we are sure this will make a lot of people very happy and therefor more active.

Labels/Artists be sure to take note of those changes and adjust accordingly, we know Soundcloud is still an important platform to showcase your talent, new music and upcoming releases.

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