SLANDER, Synymata – When I’m With You (feat. neverwaves)

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Label: Heaven Sent
Release: SLANDER, Synymata – When I’m With You (feat. neverwaves)
Release Type: Single
Genre: Future Bass

Out now:

“‘When I’m With You’ is an ode to dream love. A story of a soulmate who visits you in your sleep. It’s that feeling when you meet the perfect one for you, and the ensuing frustration and lament of not being able to find them in real life. They haunt you with their perfection. But the experience of them is so intense, so palpable, that you are utterly convinced you will one day find them. Life will never be the same until you are united.” – neverwaves, Your EDM

“The track boasts shimmering synths that build up to emotive, melodious bass drops, all accompanied by soul-stirring vocals. The single is released via the duo’s new melodic dance label, Heaven Sent. The independent imprint boasts space, science fiction and robot-themed artwork, which ties into SLANDER’s overall branding that is best displayed in their music video for their hit record, “Love Is Gone”. The main focus of Heaven Sent, according to Land, is to highlight individual artists as much as they can since releases are considered marketing for live tours. The pandemic has made this financially challenging for artists because touring is currently paused, so Andersen and Land hope to help build core fanbases for artists to support them through this difficult time.” – Forbes

“‘When I’m With You’ is a beautiful blend of genres that transcends dance music to evoke a punk rock vibe that fits right in with the break your heart and your neck mantra that SLANDER have consistently preached.” – Dancing Astronaunt

“The feel-good tune is dynamic, impassioned, and endlessly playable.” –

When I’m With You is here and it’s emotional and powerful. A banger, sure. But one that really makes you feel something.  – EDMTunes


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