Revibe and 24-7 Entertainment/Juke added to our network of stores

Label Engine Updates

We are pleased to announce the addition of “Revibe” and “24-7 Entertainment/Juke” to our network of stores.

Revibe is a platform where you can interact with the music, keep growing your musical interest and discover new artists, tracks and labels. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Stockholm. Visit Revibe

Juke (24-7 Entertainment) is a cloud based music subscription streaming service, that grants users instant access to one of the world’s largest music libraries through smartphones, desktops and connected consumer electronic devices. Their integrated technology also powers 3rd party stores like Telmore Musik and YouMusic. Visit Juke

These stores have been added to the accounts of all of our distributed labels, no further acknowledgement or steps are required. We are working on delivering our back catalog but will prioritize the delivery of new releases.

Any questions feel free to send them to support(at)

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