Promo System Updates

DJ Lazy Rich Updates

We’ve made some changes to our promo system!

In order to increase email deliverability and provide a more functional system for promo recipients, we have begun improvements on our promo system. The first of these is that we now automatically take care of sending reminders to your recipients, you can choose between a number of different periods after the release to send them. Subscribers will also be able to set a future date for sending their promos. (If you have sent out your promo within the last two weeks you can set the system to send a reminder by changing the promo settings through the History option under the Promotion dropdown).

We’ve cleaned up the promotional emails and now include links to previous promos from your label. If you haven’t done so already, please visit your Label Customization PageĀ and set a letterhead image for your label. In order to increase delivery rates we are using smaller images in the emails we send out – your larger label banner will still be used on your promo page.

Finally, we have put a restriction on the minimum number of words for your release description – please take the time to write a good description of your release as this will greatly increase the number of people that respond.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at support [at] label-engine [dot] com
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Here is an example of what the new email looks like.