PayPal Payment Threshold Reduced to $10 USD

DJ Lazy Rich News

Good news! We have lowered the earnings threshold required to request payment of distribution royalties via PayPal. This means that you now only need to have a minimum of $10 USD owed to you in order to request payment and do not need to wait until you have met the previous threshold of $100 USD.

The $100 USD threshold remains in place for payment requests via Bank Transfer / Wire, due to the manual process required. Please also note that fees for PayPal remain as they were before; 2% up to a maximum of $1.00 for payments to US accounts and 2% up to a maximum of $20.00 for payments to international accounts.

We have also removed the option to request transfer of credit to your Label Engine account and will be working on a process to refund existing credit to all clients over the next month.

Please contact us at the usual address if you have any questions.


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