Accounting Basics – Expenses

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The various costs incurred when putting out a release can quickly amount up to a large amount of money, not to mention all those pesky Label Engine subscription fees! The expenses section allows you to keep track of all these costs and fees and also pass on some of the expense to your artists if your label policy requires it. …

Lazy Rich discusses Label Engine with Magnetic Magazine

Label Engine News

Label Engine founder Richard Billis aka Lazy Rich took sometime off his busy schedule to discuss Label Engine in an interview with LA based Magnetic Magazine. Have a read to find out more about how Label Engine came about, how he balances his DJ/Producer career with his passion for programming and whats LE’s ultimate goal. “the Label Engine Platform: A platform for …

Changes to the subscription payment methods

Label Engine Updates

In an effort to better control our subscription accounts and to prevent high accumulative fees from stacking up in your account, we have made some changes on how the system for subscriptions will work, effective immediately. Unless you add additional credit, subscriptions will now end automatically after the three month subscription period has completed. Don’t worry, all of your uploaded data will …

Label Engine & present Hirshee & Ryan Enzed Oct 24

Label Engine Events

If you guys are still not familiar with, is a real-time social media experience combining music and video discovery in a fun and interactive online environment, complete with dancing avatars to match people’s personalities. In September we hosted the first event to great success, over 1,200 of you joined us throughout the 4 hours the event went for and because …

Accounting Basics – Allocating Royalties

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The allocation screen can be a little daunting when you first use it, however it really is very straightforward. When a lot of labels begin using their system they think that we will automatically be able to do their accounts for them, however this unfortunately is not the case and it can require a substantial investment of time get things …

Accounting Basics – Templates

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As your label grows, you will notice that you have more and more royalties to allocate each quarter. To speed up the allocation of royalties you can use Label Engine’s template system. Templates are used to specify what percentage of an original track goes to the original artist(s), what percentage goes to other companies, and what percentage goes to the …

Important: iTunes won’t accept profanity in Covers/Tracks

Label Engine Updates

iTunes has been on a strict rampage of not accepting releases with profanity anymore, so if you don’t wish to miss out on having your release in this important store, we advise you to comply to their rules. Apple/iTunes will not allow artwork and track title’s with profanity in the title, so in order for it to be approved you need …

Job Opening – Programmer/Developer

Label Engine Jobs

The growing team of Label Engine is looking for a reliable and self motivated computer programmer to join our ranks. Label Engine is a digital distribution/promotion/accounting web based software company, our main focus is to provide the most innovative features to our users. The candidate must have knowledge of php, html, javascript, mysql, Dance Music/EDM enthusiast a plus. If you …

Traxsource “Daily Sales Updates” Now Available

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We’ve added Traxsource to the list of stores that we read in daily sales data from – this information will be presented to our distribution customers each time they login along with their sales data from Beatport, Itunes and Juno.