How “Option B” can generate extra revenue for your label via “We Are EDM” and “We Are Electro”

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Late in 2012 we announced the creation of our in-house label “We Are Electro” (original post here), the idea behind the label was to release compilations of 20 Electro tracks to help cross promote artists and generate extra revenue for the labels that decided to opt-in.

As other genres grow in popularity we felt it was necessary to also expand the styles of music we released, we decided it was time to create “We Are EDM”. The label will help cover a wider range of genres for in-house compilations and the first compilation available will be “We Are Dubstep Vol. 1” on December 16, 2013.

We encourage you to participate in “Option B”, its basically a licensing deal for tracks 3 months or older to be considered for placement in those compilations. Its a great way to give your artists extra exposure and start generating some extra income. We will only have 1 or 2 comps max per quarter on each label so it won’t be something that might be “abused” in any way.

Once you opt-in, if you wish for a certain track to not be included you can un-select this option on a track by track basis within your system when setting it up for distribution, so you will remain in control of what can be included.

To opt-in head to “Labels” > Select the label > Label Name, Details and Aliases > Distribution Options > tick the box “Make Tracks available for use in Label Engine compilations” (as seen on the attached image)

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to email us at support(at) or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook