New promo system/demo page available (BETA)

Label Engine Updates

We are very happy to announce the introduction of our new promo system/demo page.

Our new system includes html 5 players showing track waveforms, is mobile friendly and has a new workflow to encourage recipients to complete multiple promos. Please be sure to edit your label page to correctly configure your label color, logo, background and links. Changes will also affect your demo submission page.

We’ve also added recording for individual track plays and downloads, stats and pie charts plus you can now upload a customized banner for each release, if you don’t upload one, don’t worry, it will automatically use a part of the release’s cover for it.

As a DJ, its now easier than ever to check all of your Label Engine hosted promos in one page. The “Promos” tab will list every pending promo for you, you can arrange it by Label or Genre and it also includes a search box you can use to facilitate what you are looking for. You can also queue releases to download at a later date or to zip them and download them all at once. You can also easily manage your subscription preferences to be sure you only receive the promos that matter to you.

Any questions or to report any problems feel free to email us to support(at)

You can also follow us on twitter at @Label_Engine or facebook at