LE Fresh Produce – June 26th

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Happy June 26th everybody!

133 years ago, the sounds of war could be heard again at The Battle of Little Big Horn. General Custer fell at what would be known as Custer’s last stand. Also dropping today is the weekly update of Label Engine’s Fresh Produce Playlist.

Kicking off the playlist spotlight is Elinor Core’s “Drifting Away” Nu Soul Mix. This synth pop track starts off with the introduction of a dreamy vocal track and a soundscape reminiscent of 80’s pop. Perfect for a relaxing vibe, the subtle bass line accompanies the powerful synths. She incorporates a fun variance of unique motifs found in the synths, guitar, bass and percussion. Its a fun track that paints a picture of a skyline filled with neon signs.

Win and Woo are dominating the charts once again with their new release “Right in Front Of Me.” This track is a perfect mix of a vibrant progressive groove and with powerful vocals. The drop has an interesting quality to it being powerful yet in a way laid back. With over 40 million streams under their belt already, Win and Woo is a rising artist worth following.

It’s always nice to mix things up from time to time. To add a rock flare in the mix, we’ve added Andrew-A’s new album “HOT ROADS”. This album solos everything from saxophone to a harmonica to keep the energy high and the music interesting. Its laid back vibe makes it great for unplugging or a road trip. Andrew-A shreds the guitar in a way that you can’t help but tap along to. His artistry is at the forefront of each song, leaving the listener wanting to hear more.

From the label Understated, we have manolo.’s first release manolo. EP. From his EP, “RHONDA” is a hard hitting track club track, using the keys and bass combo to get the listener’s foot tapping and head nodding. “Let me tell you (Dub Mix)” is a wavy track that captures the coast vibe of California’s house scene and puts the listener in a trance. The EP as a whole is a strong debut that instantly puts manolo. on our house music radar and leaving us excited for what he does next.

Catch all of these tracks and more on Label Engine’s Spotify playlists, and keep an eye on our socials for upcoming releases and features!