LE Fresh Produce – June 18th

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Happy June 18th everyone!

If you were paying attention in history class, you would remember that 207 years ago to this day, the US declared war on Great Britain and The War of 1812 began. On a more important note, heres your weekly update and spotlight of Label Engine’s Fresh Produce Playlist.

Topping off today’s playlist spotlight is “The Kids” by Sparkee. Featuring Liinks, this funky jam creates a unique soundscape with its grooving bass line slap bass interjections. Linnk’s dreamy vocals complement the soulful guitar rifts to form a mellow mood. The guitar solo parallels something out of a Prince song and adds to the 70’s vibe of the track. Drawing recognition from big names like Deadmau5, Sparkee is an artist with potential. Keep an eye out for his upcoming EP set to drop later this summer.

Three years later, A Day To Remember returns after a three year hiatus to be featured on Marshmello’s first single “Rescue Me” from his up coming album Joytime III. The fusion of intense rock from A Day to Remember and Marshmello’s unique synth sound creates a high energy track able to make anyone’s day a better one. Its memorable hooks will make it a must play song for any summer playlist.

To add a little funk to your week, check out Luciano FM’s new track “Fly Guy.” Luciano’s influences of funk, disco and house are present throughout the track as he expertly mixes genres to form a modern take on funk dance music. A great jam to start your summer off right.

Catch all of these tracks and more on Label Engine’s Spotify playlists, and keep an eye on our socials for upcoming releases and features!