New Label Engine Updates: Dropbox integration, Demo System updates, Mobile Optimization and more

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We have been working around the clock to improve areas of our system and add new exciting tools to continue to provide you with the best tools available in the industry. We also want to make sure we are more engaged in discussing what we are doing and how it can help you on a day to day basis.

Here are some of the changes we have made recently!

Add files from Dropbox:
You can now upload tracks directly from your Dropbox. Simply pick the “Select files from Dropbox” option when adding or editing your tracks – you’ll be shown a Dropbox file browser that will allow you to pick your mp3, wav, flac or aiff files. Once you’ve picked a file just continue as normal and your file will be downloaded from Dropbox and added to our system.

Demo System Updates:
We’ve made some big changes to help with managing your incoming demos. Firstly we have re-organised the way messages and responses are displayed to show them in chronological order. If an email was received, click the preview icon to the right to show a full view. If an artist replies directly to a response you send them their reply will now be added to the original demo and it will be moved back to the top of the New folder. In addition, you can now send up to 25Mb of attachments when replying.

Mobile Optimization:
We’ve begun updating our site to work better with mobile browsers, that means Label Engine will be easier to navigate using your mobile phone or tablet. The majority of sections on the site now operate in your devices native resolution, meaning a cleaner and clearer experience – this includes the main menus and the promotion, distribution, demos, tools and settings sections of the site.

Email format:
We’ve simplified the format of our emails to work better on mobile. Promo emails have not been changed at this time. We have also reformatted emails to artists/companies when sending payments to include more information and give clearer instructions.

YouTube Login:
We have added persistent login for your YouTube account – this means that when your videos to YouTube it will no longer be necessary to login and pick your channel each time. You will be able to log out of your YouTube account at any time and we do not store login information.

Sharing / Follow to Download:
We’ve added the option to share any files that have been attached to your tracks or release – files can be added using the ‘Notes’ section.

VAT Field:
An optional VAT / Tax ID field has been added for artists/companies to fill out when sending invoices.

We love to hear what you guys have to say about the system and share your needs or ideas with us, we always consider every suggestion so feel free to email us with any questions, feedback or additional suggestions and keep an eye out for lots more coming soon!