Label Engine Music Recommendations 9/4/15

Label Engine Music

Hello World!

Happy happy happy Friday to everybody, if you are in the U.S. then you are savoring over a 3 Day weekend due to the celebration of Labor day on Monday. Most people make plans to go to the party capital of the country “Las Vegas” but not me, what am i doing? Netflix and couch. Yeaaaaa.

If you are DJ looking for killer music for your gigs this weekend or simply a fan looking for great music to add to your playlist, the music we have selected is definitely worth your consideration so lets get to it!

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Here are our September 4, 2015 music recommendations, enjoy!
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1) BadKlaat – Badfire (Original Mix) [Never Say Die: Black Label] | Genre: Trance | BeatportiTunes

2) Statik Link & I.Y.F.F.E – #BOUNCE (Original Mix) [Dirty Duck Audio] | Genre: Trap | BeatportiTunes

3) Slice N Dice – Fire feat. Katt Nial (Original Mix) [Lucky Records] | Genre: Electro House | BeatportiTunes

4) Landis LaPace – Juicy (Original Mix) [Perfect Driver Music] | Genre: Tech House | BeatportiTunes

5) Snails – King is Back feat. Big Ali (Bad Royale Remix) [Kannibalen Records] | Genre: Tech House | BeatportiTunes

6) Titus1 vs BUK & Sunseekerz feat. Keshia Angeline – Who We Are (Original Mix) [RaveUp Records] | Genre: Trance | BeatportiTunes

7) The Parazite – The Joker (Original Mix) [DC10 Records] | Genre: Minimal | BeatportiTunes

8) D0Z3R – Hear It Drop (Original Mix) [Moon Records] | Genre: Electro House | BeatportiTunes

9) Dennis Smile – Creator Of Widows (Original Mix) [Hungry Koala Records] | Genre: Minimal | BeatportiTunes

10) Mike Conradi, Tony Diamond – I Know Who I Am (Original Mix) [Gold N Tech Records] | Genre: Tech House | BeatportiTunes