Label Engine Music Recommendations 8/28/15

Label Engine Music

Hello World!

First of all, let me wish everybody a happy belated National Dog Day. What a time to be alive, right?! If you are anything like me, your dog is a big part of your family and even though i thought having a national day was quiet funny i had to jump in and participate!

Anyway, enough about doges and lets talk about music. Great week to be a music fan, lots of great stuff but we narrowed down to our top 10 favorite just for youuuuuu.

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Here are our August 28, 2015 music recommendations, enjoy!
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1) Dabin – Touch feat. Daniela Andrade (Imagined Herbal Flows Remix) [Kannibalen Records] | Genre: Electronica | BeatportiTunes

2) MUST DIE! – Onii-Chan (Original Mix) [Never Say Die Records] | Genre: Dubstep | BeatportiTunes

3) Manics – Porcelain (Original Mix) [POPGang Records] | Genre: Indie/Nu Disco | BeatportiTunes

4) Brig – Contrition (Original Mix) [Daily Earfood] | Genre: Dubstep | BeatportiTunes

5) Mac Monroe – With Me (Trillogee Remix) [Safari Music] | Genre: Electro House | BeatportiTunes

6) DJ Dan & Bartouze – Jukebox (Original Mix) [GrooveTraxx] | Genre: House | BeatportiTunes

7) MitiS – WildFlower (Special) [Straight Up!] | Genre: Electronica | BeatportiTunes

8) Mathematic – Angriff (Op. 2 ‘Angriff’ No. 2 Concerto In Dminor) [Comorbid Records] | Genre: Downtempo | BeatportiTunes

9) Statik Link – Something Different (Original Mix) [Dirty Duck Audio] | Genre: Trap | BeatportiTunes

10) Adam Johan ft. Nick Garcia – Get it Girl (Julius Jetson Remix) [Night Vision Music] | Genre: Deep House | BeatportiTunes