Label Engine Music Recommendations 8/21/15

Label Engine Music

Hello World!

What a week for Dance music news and gossip right? The SFX story continues to develop and we are all waiting to see what will happen with that as it may have direct repercussions with Beatport and the Soundcloud drama continues, how many more people will ultimate be affected? Ohhhhh and Baboom launched, will it be a good alternative to Soundcloud/Mixcloud/Youtube or just too good to be true?

We need answers! I guess only time will tell.

One thing never changes for sure, every week more and more amazing music continues to be created so lets get right to our recommendations for this week. Over 300 tracks to choose from, gotta love my job.

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Here are our August 14, 2015 music recommendations, enjoy!
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1) BeauDamian – Rx1 (Original Mix) [Terrorhythm Recordings] | Genre: Electronica | BeatportiTunesJuno

2) SubLion – Peaks (Original Mix) [Born Records] | Genre: Drum & Bass | BeatportiTunes

3) Dirtyloud – The Power Feat. Tara Louise (Original Mix) [Big Fish Recordings] | Genre: Electro House | BeatportiTunes

4) Niteppl – Shout (Original Mix) [POPGANG Records] | Genre: Indie/Nu Disco | BeatportiTunes

5) PTN – Varsity (Original Mix) [My Techno Weighs A Ton] | Genre: Tech House | BeatportiTunes

6) Nick Thayer & Tommy Lee – Fly Shit feat. Mikill Pane (Explicit Mix) [Straight Up!] | Genre: Trap | BeatportiTunes

7) Iva Destiny – Ain’t Crazy (Original Mix) [Snap Music] | Genre: Electro House | BeatportiTunes

8) Metro – Turn Up (Original Mix) [17:44 Records] | Genre: Electro House | BeatportiTunes

9) Bright Morningstar – Temptation (Original Mix) [Illuzion Records] | Genre: Deep House | BeatportiTunes

10) Fashion Lioness – Together (Original Mix) [Legraib Records] | Genre: Electro House | BeatportiTunes