Label Engine Music Recommendations 7/18/15

Label Engine Music

Hello World!

Big week of releases, some of our favorite artists and labels came out with amazing releases and it gives us incredible amounts of inspiration. We strive to provide musicians with a platform to be able to showcase their talents and they have exceeded any expectations.

Also, in case you may have not noticed by now, we revamped our blog and are introducing articles, interviews and behind the scenes information that you may find very interesting so be sure to browse around after you listen to our music recommendations.

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Here are our July 18, 2015 music recommendations, enjoy!
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1) Defunk – Leave It Behind feat. Amvis & True1 (Original Mix) [Westwood Recordings] | Genre: Glitch Hop | BeatportiTunes

2) MitiS – Forever (Original Mix) [Born Records] | Genre: Trance | BeatportiTunes

3) Iso:R – Kimura (Original Mix) [Uplink Audio] | Genre: Dubstep | BeatportiTunes

4) Nick Thayer – Lunatic (Original Mix) [Nick Thayer Music] | Genre: Glitch Hop | BeatportiTunes

5) Maxx Baer & Daffy – Master Sword (Original Mix) [Terrorhythm Recordings] | Genre: Trap | BeatportiTunes

6) Owl Vision – Morbid Haze (Original Mix) [Comorbid Records] | Genre: Electro House | BeatportiTunes

7) Sedi – The Other Side (Original Mix) [Positronic Digital] | Genre: Trance | BeatportiTunes

8) Konvulz & Nicole Skura – Inside Out (Original Mix) [High Chai] | Genre: Dubstep | BeatportiTunes

9) Brig – Bad (Original Mix) [Daily Earfood] | Genre: Dubstep | BeatportiTunes

10) Da Fresh – Hello (Original Mix) [Straight Up!] | Genre: Techno | BeatportiTunes