Biggest Releases And Blockbusters Season

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Summer is almost here, we are only a few weeks away from officially kick-starting the “biggest releases and blockbusters” season but there is always some great gems that are released (to our pleasing) a bit earlier and we are not complaining about it. Over 400 tracks to choose from this week, so here we go!

Here are our May 30, 2015 music recommendations, enjoy!
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1) Zomboy – Resurrected [Never Say Die Records] | Buy on iTunes

Zomboy is a name that needs no introduction, as one of the leading man in the bass world, he is no stranger to big releases and chart topping efforts. His first album “The Outbreak” saw the light August 4th of 2014 and immediately became a must have, topping the charts in iTunes and Beatport along the way (It is still charting almost a year later).

Now the UK product is back at it again with his follow up album “Resurrected”, which includes 2 brand new singles and an all-star team on the remix duties. Dillon Francis, Bro Safari, Ricky Remedy, Far Too Loud, DC Breaks, Barely Alive, Diskord, Twine and The Prototypes all bring in the firepower to remix some of Zomboy’s biggest tracks to date.

It doesn’t get any better than this, enjoy!


2) Kepikei – Crystl Black [Top Billin] | Buy on BeatportBuy on iTunes

Top Billin is a label we have grown to love over the years, as a pioneer in bass music, TB is not afraid of taking risks and creating trends. Releases on the label range from Jersey Club to Japanese Footwork and everything in-between so if you are looking for something new and fresh, this is the label to follow. Even Beatport gave the Finnish label an honorary mention in their “10 Forward-Thinking Bass Labels” article early in the year, not a better co-sign than that!

Now onto the man of the hour, Kepekei returns to the TB ranks with a massive and quiet interesting EP entitled “Crystl Black”. The Philly native took his musical journey up a notch, the EP is furious and aggressive, taking bass heavy music and mixing it with dubstep, breaks and even techno.

Remixes by Bad Mojo and FVLCRVM are also included, making it 100% a “you can’t miss” release this week.


3) Kovaxx – Initiate EP [Perfect Driver Music] | Buy on Beatport

Perfect Driver Music has had a strong 2015 so far, artists like Aaron Snapes and Mark Starr continue to develop into the next wave of producers that will be carrying the torch in the House world for years to come but it is their approach to quality music and camaraderie that puts them in a great position to be in the driver’s seat, no pun intended.

Kovaxx’s new EP is great proof of that, although quiet unknown in the scene thus far, the quality of his music is already outstanding and his commitment to improvement is one that deserves praising. From start to finish, all 4 tracks are highly enjoyable and dance-floor ready tech house/ghetto tech tracks and if this is only the beginning for him i can’t wait to hear what he has under wraps!


4) Various Artists/Label Highlights

As usual, we leave you with our bonus round. The rapid-fire style recommendations of other goodies you should listen to!

a) Statik Link – The Don (Original Mix) [Statik Link Music] | Buy on Beatport

b) Ardency – Foxfire (Original Mix) [Prep School Recordings] | Buy on BeatportBuy on iTunes

c) Whowhat – Zoo World (Original Mix) [2 Owls Records] | Buy on Beatport

d) Twofold – Warp Speed (Original Mix) [Straight Up!] | Buy on BeatportBuy on iTunes