Label Engine Music Recommendations 3/21/15

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Hello world!

Welcome to another edition of the “Label Engine Music Recommendations” series. As always, this week has been jam packed with amazing music from our distributed partners and we are eager to highlight some of our very favorites. It gets tougher and tougher every week to make this selections, so much music and so little space to mention it, just know we still love you even if we couldn’t include you this week (wink wink).

Here are our March 21, 2015 music recommendations, enjoy!
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1) Nick Thayer – The Stick Up (Original Mix) [Nick Thayer Music]  | Exclusively at Beatport

This week’s journey starts with our favorite Australian resident (Sorry Will Sparks!) and the follow up to one of his most successful tracks in recent memory. You know which song i am talking about right? If you have been paying attention to the Glitch Hop charts at beatport you may have noticed by now Nick’s collaboration with A. Skillz “Get Got” is still at the very top of it.

Enough of “Get Got” though, we are here to discuss “The Stick Up”. This Glitch Hop tune is everything and anything you hope for, from the rhythm to the glitchness (kinda making that word up huh) and the “cool factor” a lot of tracks lack these days. It is one of those tracks you proudly bump in your car with all the volume up so the person driving next to you know you listen to great music.

Closing thoughts? lets just say it is a BIG track.

2) Downlink & Twofold – Darkside (Original Mix) [Uplink Audio]  | Buy at BeatportBuy at iTunes

Our journey now takes us from Rhythmic and Glitchy to complete destruction of any nightclub or festival with the latest from Downlink and Twofold.

The Uplink Audio crew recently notched a number 1 with the massive single “Robo Kitty” by Downlink and Excision. Riding that wave of success, Downlink and Twofold’s “Darkside” is already moving up the charts as well (at the time of this writing, it is #7) and it is well deserving of yet another number 1 spot.

Whoever said Dubstep was dead couldn’t be any more wrong. The genre is very much alive and thriving worldwide. “Darkside” is very self-explanatory and good matching name, this track does indeed take you to the darkside and makes you question your alliance to the good side, good job if you caught that Star Wars reference.

If going to hell had a soundtrack, this is exactly how i picture it. An almost diabolic build up with dark sounds, scary sounding ad-libs and a monstrous drop!

3) ADNM – Mars Global Surveyors (Original Mix) [Perfect Driver Music]  | Exclusively at Beatport

I feel almost out of breathe coming off the description of “Darkside” but we are moving to a more mellow tune by ADM.

ADNM or as he is known to his friends Alex Drazin, is an up-and-coming DJ/producer hailing from Detroit. He describes himself as a sonic superhero, which is easy to believe as he learned to play the piano, trumpet and guitar at a classical level before even graduating high-school. If there is anything close to a real “superhero” in the dance music scene, i would say his “super powers” are more than qualifying.

We have been fans of the Perfect Driver Music crew sound for quiet a while and we are glad that people are finally believing the hype as well. A string of high profile supporters that include Chris Lake, AC Slater, Worthy, Claude Von Stroke to name just a few has propelled the imprint to new levels and have opened new ears starving for an alternative.

“Mars Global Surveyors” is a great example of that. The mixture of quality melodies, underground vibes and Jazz-like lead is a refreshing mixture in an overly saturated “EDM” market. The full album includes 21 tracks and a mix by Wood Holly so we recommend you head to Beatport and give them all a listen!


4) Various Artists/Labels Highlights

We end this week’s journey with a rapid fire style recommendations of other goodies in different genres that also deserve a listen. Enjoy!

a) CheWoo & Deepsy – Our Thang (Original Mix) [Neptuun City] | Exclusively at Beatport

b) Sky-Fi – L.O.V.E (Original Mix) [Daily Earfood] | Buy at BeatportBuy at iTunes

c) RawButt – Bom Zigi (Mobin Master Remix) [Safari Music] | Buy at BeatportBuy at iTunes

d) Lutzenkirchen – Jazeera Express (Original Mix) [ODN Records] | Exclusively at Beatport