Label Engine Music Recommendations 1/6/17

Label Engine Music

Hello and welcome to 2017! With a new year comes new changes, challenges, and opportunities, and this year will certainly be no exception. That’s why this week we are ringing in the new year with a list of high energy tracks that are sure to wake you up and get you pumped about the possibilities of a fresh year ahead!

In the top spot this week is the title track off of Mayhem’s new album, 2083. The album incorporates trap, drum & bass, dubstep, funk, house, and many more elements to create a truly unique masterpiece. Complete with collaborations from UZ, Swazy, Oski, and more, the full length release runs together seamlessly while also giving each track its own identity. It really is a must listen, and certainly not a shabby way to start the weekend, right?

Without further ado, here are our top 10 recommendations for this week. Listen up and show your support!

(And, Happy New Year from the Label Engine team!)

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1) Mayhem –  2083 [SKRONG]
| Genre: Trap | Support > iTunesSpotifyBeatport

2) Paul Mendez – Neon Sky [Pop Rox Muzik]
| Genre: Big Room | Support > iTunesSpotifyBeatport

3) Pelikann – Shakedown [Saucy Records]
| Genre: Bass | Support > iTunesSpotifyBeatport

4) Massive Ditto – The Caesar (Slice N Dice Remix) [Moon Records]
| Genre: Electro House | Support > iTunes – Spotify – Beatport

5) DNCH – Golem [Kiosek Records]
| Genre: Breaks | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

6) JIGGY & hexplay – Rampage [D33P3R/PURPOSE]
| Genre: Trap | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

7) Proxic & Max Fail – Jellyfish [Sick & Sound]
| Genre: Future House | Support > iTunesSpotify

8) Hardbros – Blackened [Big Fish Recordings]
| Genre: Electro House | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

9) FR13ND – Time [Cool Music Records]
| Genre: Electro House | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

10) Jamal Rusk – Fever [High Chai]
| Genre: Drum & Bass | Support > iTunesSpotifyBeatport