Label Engine Music Recommendations 1/13/17

Label Engine Music

It’s been a big week in the music world.

Festival announcement season has truly begun, with Coachella last week, Bonnaroo and Amsterdam Dance Event this week, and many other dates and lineups being announced left and right. In the midst of the announcements, the BPM Festival is celebrating it’s 10 Year Anniversary with it’s fitting 10 day annual event in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico!  If you ask us, all of this news is the perfect cure for those winter doldrums.

The days are short, the nights are long, and this week’s top track, LUMBERJVCK’s “LITM (feat. Kat Nestel)”, captures the feeling of needing to get away from it all. Atmospheric verses build into hard-driving drops and combine with Nestel’s vocals to give listeners a refreshing break from the world around them. If you’re also in need of a little escape this weekend, look no further than this week’s music recommendations! And, as always, don’t forget to…

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1) LUMBERJVCK – LITM (feat. Kat Nestel) [MMAD Records]
| Genre: Dance | Support > iTunesSpotifyBeatport

2) Diana Boss – Simple Girl [Straight Up!]
| Genre: Deep House | Support > iTunesSpotifyBeatport

3) The Spacies – Time Bomb [Archipelago Entertainment]
| Genre: Dubstep | Support > iTunesSpotifyBeatport

4) Joey Antonelli – Revival [PEAK HOUR MUSIC]
| Genre: Electro House | Support > iTunes – Spotify – Beatport

5) DA VINCl & Flatland Funk – Tiger Cloak [Pyramid Recordings]
| Genre: Trap | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

6) Angel Order & RhythmDB – Banging On My Drums [RhythmDB Music]
| Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

7) Aweminus & Phiso – Hijinks [Never Say Die: Black Label]
| Genre: Dubstep | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

8) Danny Espinal – Back II Life [Crowd Records] 
| Genre: Minimal | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

9) Caya – Kill It [Dirty Weekends]
| Genre: Dubstep | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

10) Odd Concept – Second State [Hungry Koala Records]
| Genre: Deep House | Support > iTunesSpotifyBeatport