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We are very excited to announce the introduction of Label Engine Connect (beta), the newest feature that aims to assist in the transparent collaboration between Content Owners (Labels/Artists) and Youtube promoters. (This unique and exciting opportunity is currently in public beta testing available only to our distributed labels/artists and youtube promoters/channels, it is not available for our non-distributed users/subscribers)

In a digital market that moves faster than ever, it is important to keep up with the trends and changes in the music space. Youtube, the largest online music source has been at crossroads for quite sometime trying to find a solution that can please content owners and content uploaders, but for the most part has failed to find a generous common ground, creating tension between the two.

Youtube has quickly become not only a way for artists/labels to share their music and showcase their talents but also a reliable source of income, in many cases exceeding revenue generated in stores like beatport, itunes and spotify. We also know a lot of Youtube promoters also count on this Youtube ad revenue to sustain their work and be able to continue to curate music for the masses.

This is where Label Engine Connect comes in handy, we have created a place where labels/artists and promoters can collaborate and share revenue created by both parties on the Youtube platform. Content owners provide the music and promoters assist by showcasing the music they find fit for their channels with their loyal subscribers, the videos create revenue by placing ads in them, that revenue is then passed along to Label Engine on a monthly basis, we will then split it efficiently to both parties based on the agreed deals, meaning a Win/win situation for all involved.

To make it simple:
Labels/Artists > Youtube promoters > videos on youtube > revenue > $$$ for both

Label Engine has taken the necessary measures to guarantee channels that join are legitimate with a login verification process that allow us to verify they are the rightful owners of the channel. Channels under 1000 subscribers need to be manually approved by our staff and there are limits to how many deals a channel can do per day to avoid any potential abuse. In your settings (Labels/Artists), you have the option to block channels with less than certain amount of subscribers that you decide or require that deals with them are manually approved by you, that way you can decide who you wish to work with. Although we encourage collaboration and opportunity for all as the ultimate goal, we understand this decision is ultimately yours as the content owner.

Label Engine has also taken the necessary steps to protect channels by creating default deals within the Connect Use of agreement (Which you can read in full under the “Connect” tab) so you, as a channel, get the necessary rights to upload the content agreed by both parties.

Lets do a quick rundown of what options there are for labels and channels (please check within the Connect section, the instructions tab for in depth explanation on how to use the system and how it benefits you).

– Labels/Artists/Content Owners

As a label you will be able to showcase your catalog to any Channels that join or create manual deals if you have handled negotiations with channels outside of “Connect”.

If you decide to showcase your entire catalog (suggested to maximize opportunities) you can set several defaults on a “Global” basis or track by track basis. You can change this settings by Clicking on “Connect” under the Distribution menu and then click on the “Settings” tab, this options can be modified on a label per label basis as well.

a) Default Visible to Channels: This is to select when you want channels to see the track list of the release, during this period of time they will only see name of the artist(s), name of the track(s) and date available for instant deals or if you wish to, they can request manual deals so they can upload the track and promote it ahead of the release date. Channels won’t be able to download or listen to the audio at this time. Think of it as a “pre-order” function.

– Option 1 is “After Distribution” meaning after we ingest it on Youtube (usually 2 to 3 business days after you submit it for distribution). Recommended option.

– Option 2 is “After Global Release” meaning on the actual release date selected on Youtube (exclusives don’t count as global release dates). This is the default set by Label Engine so if you wish to go with option 1, feel free to change it.

b) Default Policy: This option allows you to control how channels will be able to create deals for your music.

– Option 1 is “Deals unavailable”, pretty self explanatory, this is if you wish to opt-out the label from participating.

– Option 2 is “Deals Available by Request”, if you wish to manually accept every deal requested. This is the Label Engine default.

– Option 3 is “Deals Available Instantly”, Channels will be able to instantly accept the deal and download/upload the song based on your default % for deals. Recommended option.

c) Default Approved Channel Percentage: Here you can enter the default % deal for tracks available instantly. By default it is set to 70% but we suggest 50% if you are a new label or wish to have an even collaboration with Promoters.

d) Alerts: By default all email alerts are activated for the email of the person assigned as the label manager of that label. You can update the alerts in the Settings section.

e) Manual Deals: You can create a manual deal with a channel if you wish to, this can be used if you have exclusivity deals with a certain channel(s). Under the “Deals” tab you will have the “Create a new deal” option, click on it, select the track, select the channel (must be a part of Connect), enter the revenue split and Video ID. If the video has not been posted at the time of the deal and you dont have a video ID, the deal will remain “Pending” until you enter it, once you do it will become “Active”.

f) Inviting Channels: Under the “Channels” tab you will see a list of current channels participating. If a channel you wish to collaborate with is currently not listed, you can send them an invitation via the system or point them to the sign-up page here (they can sign up instantly by verifying their channels). During the beta testing period we will begin inviting channels ourselves as well, it is a community so we can all assist in the success of it.

g) Track by track basis deals: Under the “Tracks” tab you will be able to modify and edit deals for specific tracks that might not fit the default settings criteria. Simply select the track(s) you wish to modify and at the bottom of the page you can change the settings and % deal for them.

– Youtube promoters/channels

As a channel you will have a wide range of tools to be able to find music of your interest and legally upload the content to your channel while fairly getting revenue for your work.

If you wish to participate please join by signing up here:
You will get access to a Label Engine account formatted for Connect use. If you have more than one channel you don’t need to create multiple accounts, once you verify one of them you can verify any other under the “Channels” tab.

a) Tracks: Navigating the “Tracks” section is quiet easy, by default you will see all genres and labels participating, the music is listed by release date order. Tracks available for “Request Deal” mean the Label requires manual approval from them before you can get the song, during this process you are able to suggest a % deal. Tracks listed as “Instant Deal” are available to be download and promoted right away, next to it you will see what % deal the label is offering to you, if for any reason you don’t agree with it you may contact the content owner/label directly and arrange a manual deal.

– Search: This function will allow you to find an specific track you are looking for, artist name or track name must match exactly.

– Genre: You can filter by specific genres that are of your interest. Our labels are also able to additionally add a custom genre to it so in certain cases you will see “Melbourne Bounce” or “Big Room” next to a track but its overall genre will remain Electro House, for example.

– Label: You can narrow your search to your favorite label as well, a list of current distributed labels participating will be shown.

– Show: This option gives you a chance to see “All tracks”, “Available Deals” or only tracks available instantly as “Instant Deals”.

b) Deals: Under your deals tab you will be able to track your active, cancelled and pending deals. Remember that for any deal to become “Active” you need to enter the video ID for it. If you plan to upload it at a later date, no problem, the deal will remain pending until you do. Without that video ID we won’t be able to accurately account you for the upload.

c) Statements: In your statements tab you will be able to review your detailed statements sent by Label Engine monthly and request a payment at any time. You can download those statements for your records in csv format.

If you are a label/artist distributed by us and also have a youtube channel you wish to have participate in Connect, you can do that no problem. You can switch the view from your top right menu, right under your credits and next to the logout option you will see the drop down menu to go from “Label View” to “Connect View”.

For more information and to get started, please visit

We would love to hear your suggestions and feedback, let us know what you think of the system and how we can improve it. Feel free to email us to support(at)

You can also follow us on twitter at @Label_Engine or facebook at