Label Engine and WDA announce partnership

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We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Mobile Distributor and Marketing company WDA (WirelessDeveloper Agency).

This partnership will help us and our distributed labels enter the competitive Ringtone/Playback industry that is still very coveted. WDA will bring over 10 years of experience, flawless relationships with carries and will work hand to hand with us to push releases to get the maximum exposure possible in over 30 carriers worldwide.

Within our system, WDA will be added like any other store and it will honor the non-exclusive date you pick. They will also be in charge of editing and selecting the best portion of the song that can be then purchased through carriers as ringtones or playbacks.

WDA has been added to the accounts of all of our distributed labels, no further acknowledgement or steps are required. We are working on delivering our back catalog but will prioritize the delivery of new releases.

Any questions feel free to send them to support(at)

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