JB Hi-Fi Now’s music streaming service to shut down March 17th

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JB Hi-Fi’s music team has officially announced it will be shutting down its music streaming service “JB Hi-Fi Now” on March 17, 2016.

The music streaming space is turning out to be a very competitive one, JB Hi-Fi Now joins the likes of Rdio, Milk and Beats Music in closing its doors even though streaming, overall, continues to grow its activity and revenue.

Spotify recently announced they are getting close to 30 million premium subscribers and Apple Music is accounting for about 11 million more after only a few months of its launch. The “Streaming War” is heating up so keep an eye for more news, Soundcloud and Amazon are expected to join the fun and announce music subscriptions soon!

Note: Since the service closing date is only a couple of weeks away, we have stopped deliveries of new content immediately. Accounting for the activity due will be included in your reports in the normal timeframe.



Below is the message from JB Hi-Fi Now on their website: https://now.jbhifi.com.au/farewell

Sadly, the JB Hi-Fi NOW streaming service is closing down on 17th March 2016.

You will be able to stream music as normal until 17th March as long as you have a valid subscription. However JB Hi-Fi NOW will no longer be taking any direct payments, new subscriptions or renewals from 17th February 2016.

If your JB Hi-Fi NOW subscription expires on or after 17th March 2016, your access to JB Hi-Fi NOW will remain active up until 17th March following which you will no longer be able to stream music on JB Hi-Fi NOW. You will however be entitled to a refund for any paid days beyond the 17th March. We will send you details of how to obtain your refund within the next 14 days.

Any JB Hi-Fi NOW gift cards with balance remaining may be used as JB Hi-Fi store credit or you can receive a refund via your local JB Hi-Fi store or our online site.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of the JB Hi-Fi NOW streaming service. We remain passionate about music and will continue to offer Australia’s largest range of CDs and Vinyl through our 180 stores nationally and via our online site.

JB Hi-Fi NOW Music Team