Introducing: We Are Electro

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When we introduced our Distribution services one of the first things we did was offer our partners an option to sign what we call “Option B”, Option B is basically a licensing deal for us to be able to release compilations with tracks that are 90 days or older.

For those participating not only is it a good way to earn some extra money but also a great way to give their artists some extra exposure, ever heard of the motto “Power by the numbers”? It would come in handy in here by the amount of cross promotion a 20 track compilation/album would generate.

After a year or so of waiting for the right moment, we decided to launch the label and name it “We Are Electro”, we will start with just 1 or maybe 2 compilations per quarter and the tracks will be selected by the Label Engine team based on the labels participating.

Currently we have over 30 labels participating on this project but don’t worry if you didn’t agree when you signed up, you can join us at any time, simply go to “Labels”, select the label you wish to sign up for Option B, click on “Label Name, Details and Alises”, in that section you will find the “Distribution options” where you can tick the “

The first volume will be available Dec 10, 2012!

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