HTFR and DJShop added to our network of stores

Label Engine Updates

We are pleased to announce HTFR as the latest addition to our network of stores.

HTFR is a worldwide CD & Vinyl mail order store that has over 20 years of experience under their belt. The company is under new ownership and as part of that they are launching a digital version of the store later on in the year while continuing to push physical material. Visit HTFR

DJShop is one of the most popular and long standing Vinyl stores in Germany for DJs with a great presence in other countries in Europe as well. Their digital side also contains one of the biggest libraries available, offering a great opportunity to labels and artists to promote their music in those important markets. DJShop recently acquired popular store DJTunes as well, they both will be synchronized accordingly in the next upcoming weeks. Visit DJShop

These stores have been added to the accounts of all of our distributed labels, no further acknowledgement or steps are required. We are working on delivering our back catalog but will prioritize the delivery of new releases.

Any questions feel free to send them to support(at)

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