House Call Records

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Founder: Dr.Fresch
Founded: 2019
Genre: Bass House, G-House

“Dr. Fresch is an unstoppable force in g-house, and electronic dance music in general. As a producer, curator, tastemaker and mentor, he’s changing the game for the better with every move he makes.” – Your EDM

“I’m working with new artists whose music not only fits my style as a producer and DJ, but new artists who I see developing truly groundbreaking sounds in 2019…These producers pull elements of G-House, Bass House and Electro to solidify a sound I’ve been developing for years ” – Dancing Astronaut

“Dr. Fresch’s aptly titled House Call Records imprint looking to make a lasting first impression with an blistering bass bahemoth of epic proportions.” – DJ Times

“Focus intently on creating a unique and consistent artist brand, from a sound design perspective and instrumentally stylistic perspective; develop and use your own signature bass, lead, and drum sounds over and over.” – EDM Identity

“In 2016 I released “Gangsta Gangsta” and went fully into this G-House meets Electro sound I’ve carved out of the industry — since then the scene has become more open-minded and my music has started to connect with people more and more each year.” – EDM Identity

“Dr. Fresch has quickly solidified himself as one of the most unique emerging dance music artists. His signature “Future Ghetto” brand weaves together elements of house, hip-hop/rap, and trap to create a unique, forward-thinking sound.” – Insomniac

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